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Compost Bin Proposal

Compost Bin Proposal

How I Started Composting At The Office

Food waste can happen anywhere, including our workplaces. I wanted to start composting at work, but was afraid that everyone would reject the idea, including the property managers that we rent the office space from.

I decided to talk to a couple of my co-workers about it.  They were surprisingly encouraging and open to the idea.  Even my boss liked the idea, as long as someone would maintain the composter.

The fear of rejection by my co-workers was gone, so I put together a simple proposal to our property manager.  I was very specific and let her know that we would make sure to maintain it properly and we would cover the cost of the bin that we select.  She was also very accepting of the idea, and not only approved it, but the management company even purchased one of the nicest compost tumblers on the market for us, the Jora Composter JK 125

I would recommend pursuing composting at your workplace if:

  • You have a small office of approximately 1-20 people
  • You work with a large group, but only 1-20(ish) people are interested in collecting their office food waste
  • Some outdoor space
  • At least 1 co-worker who is willing to fill in for you when you are away

If you work with a large company, a composting service maybe a better option.  Compost Wheels is one of the companies that offers compost pickup for workplaces here in Atlanta, other cities likely have similar companies to reach out to.

The idea is to keep it simple, which is why I picked a compost tumbler over a pile.  The compost tumblers are easy to maintain and pleasant looking compared to traditional compost piles, which may not be appropriate near an office building.

Below is an example of the proposal letter I used for our office composter.

-If you have questions or would like a copy, please leave a comment or message me on Instagram and I will send you a copy of of the proposal.

July 12, 2017

Property Management Company Name
1234 1st Street
Suite 100,
Atlanta, GA 30307

Attn: Jane Smith
Subject: Compost Bin Proposal
Your Company Name
Your Address Line 1

Dear Ms. Smith,

We would like to propose adding a compost bin to our outdoor area in an effort to reduce the waste at the (your company name here). To clarify, (Your company name here) will be responsible for the cost and purchase of the compost bin.
We have been able to recycle nearly all our recyclable materials, now we are ready to take it a step further and reduce our food waste and other compostable materials.

Benefits of Composting:

  • Divert waste from landfills: composting keeps organic matter out of landfills, reducing the amount of methane that gets emitted. Organic waste makes up an estimate of 20%-30% of what is thrown away.
  • Produce rich fertilizer and reduces the need for hazardous chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizer can be used to improve a vegetable garden, house plans or any landscaping.
  • Reduces the emissions of methane gasses into the atmosphere
  • Enriches the soils, makes clay soils airier and helps sandy soils retain water.
  • Reduces transporting costs and gas along with reducing the number of plastic trash bags used.
  • Helps individuals become more aware of their consumption and more in touch nature’s natural recycling.

Materials and Maintenance:

There are many options available for composting. We recommend a covered bin to keep animals out.  Tumbler composts bins are the easiest to maintain because the contents inside do not require shoveling due to the rotating features on the bins. They are also the most aesthetically pleasing, See images 1. Ground bins are also an option, see Image 2.


Image 1: Tumbler bins


Image 2: Ground bins

Our daily compostable materials will be collected in a small container in the kitchen.  At the end of each day or every other day, we will take the materials in the container & add it to the bin outside.  We will mix the bin weekly for proper aeration.
The location shown below, see image 3, is recommended for the compost bin. The bin can be kept in a shady spot and will be labeled so it does not get mistaken for trash or recycling.

Image 3: Proposed location of compost bin


Composting will help us take a step in towards becoming more sustainable.  It is a great way to reduce waste and give back to the Earth and become more responsible for our daily consumption.  With the growth of environmental awareness and advances in technology, composting can be done in urban environments using easy to maintain compost bins.

We hope that you accept this proposal and if you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Best Regards,


Your Name
Your Company Name

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